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Five Most Recently Added Links

Scrabble Dictionary Statistics (Word Puzzles)
The TWL Scrabble dictionary(Official Tournament and Club Word List) contains 187630 unique English words. The TWL Scrabble tournaments words list is played in the USA, Canada and Thailand. Sometimes the TWL word list is also referred to as: NWL, OTCWL and OWL.

Stanford Binet IQ Test (Other)
The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale is an IQ test that measures intelligence and cognitive abilities of many different age ranges. View sample questions and take a practice Stanford-Binet test - one of the oldest IQ tests that is still administered today.

Wechsler IQ Test (Other)
The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) are psychological IQ tests used by psychologists to measure cognitive abilities and intelligence in both adults and children. Take a free practice test to see sample questions from the Wechsler test.

IQ Test Prep (Other)
Get an IQ score estimate when you take any of the free practice IQ tests from the IQ Test Prep website. They also have many articles on IQ test taking tips, the history of the IQ test, the Mensa organization, and more.

Patrick Timmerman “ One in a row “ (Brain Teasers - Wire, Wood, and Mechanical Metal Brain Teasers)
Discover the new game “ One in a Row “ and play with the cubes. In addition there are YouTube videos, my autobiography and lots of other puzzles I invented.